Suggestion to increase this sites usage

I have seen comments about this site being slow. I know the suggestion of a classified section has been made. I would like to see a classified section added on here and I think that it would increase traffic. If there was a classified section on here it would draw more of the teams to stay active on this site because so many of us would be buying and selling on here.

Paul curtis

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I have been sitting on an idea, Ive talked about it with a few people, but I want to keep it to myself until I can run it by Steve.

Jeremy Andert

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There hasn't been that much of monster truck racing coverage lately since the decline of monster truck websites in the late 2000's either. And yes, there haven't been that many posts on this website as well lately. I'm on Facebook, but I'm not on Twitter. Is there any monster truck traffic on Twitter lately, including old school stuff?


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all MT are bad a s s so everyone stop the political argues. political threats bore me and keep me away. im just saying lol:rolleyes: