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oh. my. freaking. god.

i mean, i'm not a huge hater of 3d bodies, but god almighty that thing has just taken it way too far. It seems like a capable truck too . . . . . I just hope we don't see a crab-themed counterpart.

Cale Putnam

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I love it! It's like a 1950's monster movie come to life. Plus, there's nothing much more New England than a lobster. Too cool!


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Okay, that is the coolest **** I've ever seen. I'm totally speechless here. The level of absurdity is absolutely amazing. And the name. Oh my god. This rules.

Dave Collard

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The Lobstah truck is wicked awesome as far as I'm concerned. Can totally see this truck being a big hit throughout the New England area.


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I love it! Such a good idea, and the name is brilliant! Glad to see its based out of Maine too, hopefully I'll get the chance to see it in the near future!


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also judging from that article it seems like he wants to run the truck all over the place so not just a NE thing :D


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If memory serves right, there was a thread sometime ago about this truck when it was near completetion