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I know this is weird, but at the Party in the Pits in Philly they played "Ain't no Grave by Johnny Cash" for Grave Digger the Legend & Grave Digger 30th when I was in line for autographs.

It was nice not to hear Bad to the Bone for once though!

Edit #2: Desperado's theme song was "Desperado by Clint Black".
I put the Ain't No Grave under "no driver specific" as it was in the pit party. The songs for the trucks is strictly for songs used the during the shows for intros, racing event victories, world finals racing finals and freestyles.

As for Desperado's song, was that used on Monster Jam? I will add it when the promoter is named so I have to minimal editing.

Does anyone know the song that is playing when the "track Explanation" is done before the event starts?
As Chad mentioned it is the Limp Bizkit Mission Impossible theme. It is on the list of no driver specific under its proper name, Take A Look Around.

What is this related to with this thread?


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And to get this one out of the way, Big Kahuna's theme is wipe out by surfaris

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Also Mega Bite used Atomic Dog by George Clinton.


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if its not rock, I dont know it... I found some others because of key words but Im not hearing anything with the brutus theme


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Yeah ive tried and tried but ive never came close to the song. This song shall remain unknown!

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Anyone have any ideas to what theme Nitro Hornet uses and nitro circus used in wf10

Nitro Circus video ↓