The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread


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Bigfoot on MyTV

Bigfoot has streaming videos on MyTV:

Video #1 (12 minutes!) is from the Indy Jamboree
Video #2 is from Bloomsburg 2005, I believe
Video #3 is Dan Runte getting Snake Bite muddy out at Firebird Raceway (bit of a pride-killer)
And the final video is from a Bigfoot freestyle at the Jefferson County Fair

The Jefferson County Fair also has a page of videos including the Big Dawg freestyle from 2006.

V Needs Speed

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i just saw the one with gary porter with the whole monsters are real thing but then it goes in to the song monsters of rock and roar...they accucalty used footage from Bigfoot Strikes Again...lawsuit?


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McGruff wheelie

[ame=""]YouTube - McGruff Monster Truck - awesome wheelie![/ame]

A crazy on-cars slap wheelie from McGruff in 2004.


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here is an awesome save by chad tingler(i guess) in digger 14 in tacoma. great save towards the end of the run with a semi-broken truck

[ame=""]YouTube - Gravedigger Show[/ame]


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That would be the Shark Tank in San Jose, CA.
First time i missed that show in 4 years and look what happens.


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Wow that Tingler save in Digger at Tacoma was amazing...
And that Tropical Thunder save I have no idea how he did that on the cement! That was crazy!


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El Toro smacks Digger

Again, being at school, I don't have sound on this so I don't know if there's anything cool audio wise . . . but check out the second clip on this foreign USHRA commercial! Huge smack from El Toro Loco on Digger. Ouch!

[nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

Brandon Clark

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well varm you didnt miss much lol.... apparently their famous announcer voice doesnt know any foreign languages... there wasnt an announcer one in the video lol


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[ame=""]YouTube - Big Toyz Racing 2007[/ame]

Monster Moose and Public Disturbance promo video.

Again, I say we sticky this thread so it doesnt get lost with the floods of posts on the board.


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good idea Pab's ,beacuse I was just about to post that video in it's own thread A-it should be AWESOME VIDEO B-didn't wanna look for this thread

anywhey...that video is sweet,some AMAZING fottage:eek:seen,just overall great action in that video :D


El toro loco 2004 championchip video

does any1 have the el toro loco 2004 championchp freestyle video i need it for spanish would be greatly appreciated.i need it emailed tyo me at [email protected] thx a millioon

Dave Collard

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Here ya go jtnnkz if you need it as a wmv gimme a pm and I'll hook ya up

[nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]


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Heres a good one:
The craziest rebound after a save I've ever seen.

who me

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Where was this show and when?????