The Rebuild of Mud Hog


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How the heck do you know about the duck axles,that is the running gear including the duck frame that my truck was originally built on.If you look on the museum photos when it has the older style body on it is on the duck frame,just continually upgraded till not much of the duck left.The last part of duck was the transfer case, was doing a burnout in two wheel drive on 66s in a paved ally beside the shop which also border a kids park the transfer case exploded and threw parts every where.
I have a bad habit of remembering things i read that im interested in. i was big into 4x4's untill i got sick of the lift law in '95 and built a low rider.


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Any updates Russ?
Got the frames strip down for sandblasting,hopefully in the next month will get them sandblasted and start bracing,will post pic.Not going to lie, it will take some time as most of us can relate it is getting harder to make a living and find time for your own stuff.THANK YOU for the interest.


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Finally got the best lawn ornaments I ever had back. The original tires and wheels from Mudhog, thanks to Mike Kreiger.
You are welcome Russ!!! Glad to see them go back to you!

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Russ the frame that was under Mud Hog when you wrecked in Silver Lake, where did that end up going to? Was wondering if you had any other pictures of the truck up at Silver Lake? Thanks
Russ thanks for the updates... I like how you allways think outside the box. Moving the upper inner mounting for the four link bars out looks great. Will that help controll body roll without needin sway bars?