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I can't hear the name Silverdome without thinking of all the classic USHRA shows in the 80s. Seeing an event there would have been a religious pilgrimage for me as a twelve year-old.

Pretty sad to see the shape it's in now. It's not officially slated for demolition, but I can't imagine that it's far away after seeing these pictures. From what I understand, literally everything inside the stadium is for sale.


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Know some monster truck historians,wanted to get some of the seats out of the Silverdome and set up at the museum in Alburn, with videos of monster trucks playing that you could watch from the Silverdome seats.But since they no longer have any thing to do with the museum,it probably wont happen.


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What happened to this stadium breaks my heart. I went to 3 or 4 events there included the last show with 18 trucks. It was a great venue for monster jam. I wonder what will happen to the property as its like 15 miles from where I live.


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The Astrodome in Houston is just sitting there collecting dust, I may add. They auctioned the seats yet no one knows what wll become of its fate. And like the Silverdome, it also has a great history of monster truck action.
First monster truck show I went to was in 96 at the silverdome a 4 years old. For my birthday last year, pops bought me a seat out of the dome.


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Gd to see that land will be used, but a real shame the dome is jus sitting. Invest something into it in order to get more money off of it. Hate seeing something like this just waste...
The problem is, the city of Pontiac is broke and the owner of the stadium has no clue what to do with it now. I work across from them dome and its sad to see everyday.
One **** of an event at the Silverdome. Gas Monkey Garage VS. RoadKill TV. Gas Monkey where the winners, but it was still cool see everything that happened.
I was told buy one of the shuttle drivers that work the Chrysler lot they is there is that they will film some of the new transformers movie in there and they will be blowing parts of the dome up for the movie.
Not sure if anyone has seen this but this is the Red Bull BMX ride that was filmed in the old girl.


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Welp, I'm sure I won't be breaking any huge news here, but I thought I'd pop back in and either update or complete this thread nearly six years after I started it.

The SIlverdome is gone. She put up a valiant fight, but the demolition machines won in the end --

It's a shame to lose such an iconic building in the relatively short history of monster trucks, but it's certainly not the only one to have fallen. Most of the venues I remember seeing in those old magazines and videos are either gone or on borrowed time.