TNT Motorsports Press Kit 1990 Images

Dave Collard

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Hey Guys,

Recently I fell into a real gem on Ebay that being a 1990 Press kit issued by TNT Motorsports to New Jersey area reporters concerning the Flemington Speedway Monster Truck Challenge event. Enclosed was several documents concerning TNT and Monster Truck racing a photograph of Bigfoot 4 and a 1990 Souvenir Yearbook. Considering these items have probably never been seen by the general public before I decided to scan them for all of Monster Mayhem to enjoy. These documents must have sat in a newspaper office for years until somebody decided to sell them. Unbelievable find and I'm very happy to call it mine and share with you all.

I also will be uploading soon the entire 1990 Souvenir Yearbook along with 1988 Yearbook I purchased from Gene Paterson a couple years ago.

Please enjoy this rare material! :cool:

(Refrained from scanning second page due to not wanting to crease the document)



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Great find! Thanks for sharing! Im sure there arent many of those, if any, that didnt get thrown away.


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Wow, now that's an awesome find. One thing that makes me happy is the fact that the Digger photo looks like it was taken in Chattanooga, TN at the UTC arena. I can't back that up, but it looks an awful lot like Chattanooga's setup. I like to see my local area represented, especially when it's old school stuff.


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You're right, Tommy. That is definately the Roundhouse. In fact, I used to be in the pep band for the Mocs, and while there one game I chanced upon an old TNT Motorsports bumper sticker that had been left on a storage room door. It was an awesome find to say the least.