Turbo 400 build

I am building a Turbo 400, I have ordered 300m input and intermeidiate shafts, hardened drum, 36 element sprage Heavy duty clutch plates. Any suggestions on anything else that should be done? I will be running a 468 ci blown chevy maybe 1200-1300 hp I am guessing. I am trying to build something fairly strong but don't have the budget for a power glide or all the trick coan parts


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Coan is just one option although the PGs are used most commonly.
I only ran Turbo 400sdueto budget. Just buy best parts you can. Hardened parts and a killer input shaft is prob where I would start
Also look at these guys: extremeautomatics.com


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sounds like you've got a good combination, the pre 1970's TH400's all had hard parts, actually at a show we had to throw one of my transmissions into Jethro tow, w/ no history on it, stock 1977 th400, that had been sitting for who knows how long, and it lasted for 2 good shows- didnt break, wanted to take out before we did some damage to it