Un official Monster Jam points


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So this year I decided to do a "points series" where I created points payouts more in line iwth how other motorsports might go about it and have gone through results every week to track trucks/drivers and their overall performance . There are several sheets, One explaining how points are awarded, the rest are the points for Arena, MMJ, FS1, and Stadium. Slipped my mind to share them here as well. Drivers that have driven multiple trucks are listed by name, other exceptions and notes can be found on the sheets. Enjoy!

Here are the points after week 7!



The East MMJ series has closed up to a 30 point gap. If weekends like the past continue then Cole will be a serious contender for the lead before the end of the season.
West is as it was last week, 3 person race with the third person slowly slipping away from the top two.*
Arena, The top 5 looks very much the same but there were some big movers through out the rest of the top 20. Most notable would be Bad news,*an excellent weekend all around which included winning several events including a freestyle event!
FS1.... no points series can prevent the run away Adam has going. He now has over a 10 point lead on second place.

For reference here was my notes about the other weeks

Week 3
Jimmy Creten ended randy browns reign on the speed and skill segment
Dan Evans scored more points in Mark McDonalds truck than Mark has to this point. (dan evans was killing it this weekend as a fill in)
Pablo though having only completed 4 events is in the top ten in points. Jon Zimmer and Gary Porter are also in the top 10 with only 5 events completed.
Scooby Doo driven by Linsey still has more freestyle points then Randy Brown in Grave Digger, though I expect that to change after this coming weekend.
The West cost MMJ series has a much tighter points run than the East coast counterpart. The two trucks who continuously race well in the east series have pulled away thus far. This will likely change as the season progress.
Kayla Blood won her first event(donuts) and continues to put in a very solid effort in racing, she has yet to make a finals but of the 9 events, shes made the second round 8 times, second only to Coty.
Tacoma had several instances where only 4/8 trucks completed a FS run.
Captains Curse Dominated the donuts competition this weekend.
Stadium Tour started this weekend and to no surprise both Max-D and Grave Digger can be found at the top. The rest of the top 10 is interesting to say the least. (all aboard the Hooligan Hype train!)
MMJD had a rough weekend and relinquished the FS1 points lead to Digger and in my opinion may be the last lead change for that series though time will tell.
See you all next week!

Week 4
Pablo continues to make huge advances towards the top in the area series. Randy Brown continues to lead this "series" but his points margin to second closed drastically this weekend.
In the arena series 4 of the top 5 are Grave Digger trucks, the other truck is (IMO) Rookie of the year front runner Linsey in Scooby Doo(she is currently 3rd in points).
Other notables would be Wild Thang, Stinger, and Crushtation. Each continue to score points every weekend, they are not winning events but they are consistently racking up points which is impressive!
The stadium series is spread apart mainly because the main front runners have run twice as many events as most other trucks. However the top 5 trucks who have only competed in two events is very interesting with the top 5 split by only 4 points.
The FS1 series also tightened up as well with only a 3 point gap from first to second and 11 points between 1st and 5th. As of this week it looks like it will be between Tom, Adam, and Damon for the top spot.
The MMJ series had a lead change this past weekend with Bari taking the top spot over Brianna. Jared and Cole are still in the mix and as the season continues to progress I think these two rookies will begin to close in on the leaders as they did this past weekend(another two front runners for rookie of the year IMO).
The west coast series continues to tighten up with Morgan closing the gap to Coty. Should the front runners have a rough weekend expect Colton and Tyler to capitalize as they are both well within striking distance and are both having great years thus far! (Tyler would be another favorite for rookie of the year IMO)

Week 5
Keeping it short this week!
Point difference between Adam and second place in the FS1 series continues to slowly grow (+1 this week)
Some big movers in the arena series, Top 5 is a little shooken up with Gary Porter entering the top 5 for the first time this year. Two independents, Stinger and Bounty Hunter (Trent), both are right outside the top 10, maybe this weekend one breaks into the top 10!
East MMJ series, Cole had a strong weekend and closed the gap between him and the front runners, Plenty of time for anyone in the top 4 to close in on the leaders
West MMJ series seems to have become a two horse race with Coty and Morgan, However Tyler ran well in racing last weekend and if he continues to do so may become a threat as time goes on.

Week 6
Linsey continues to impress in Scooby Doo tying Randy Brown in Grave Digger for every freestyle event this past weekend. She is also still 3rd overall in arena points
3 independents also find themselves in the top 10 this week, stellar performances from Crushstation launched it up the standings to 9th. Bounty Hunter (trent) and Stinger find themselves 7th and 8th respectively.
Stadium points are getting tighter, CVH after missing an event is only 3 points back of the overall leader.
The two leaders in the FS1 series distanced themselves from 3rd after Tom had a rough weekend. Still Adam gained 1.5 points over 2nd place continuing to grow his lead.
In the East MMJ series Cole cut into Bari's point lead whilst moving into 2nd overall. Cole's performance has steadily improved over the season. Looks like this championship will come down to Cole and Bari.
In the West MMJ series Tyler again had a very solid effort in all the racing shows. He closed the gap to second and seems to be "lurking in the weeds". Wouldn't be surprised to see him make a late season push if his racing success continues


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After week 8!

Pretty close race between the top two in the arena series!
CVH passed Ryan Anderson for the stadium series points lead, CVH has run 1 less event that ryan as well.*
In the East MMJ series its become a two horse race, and the difference between 1st and 2nd dropped again.*
West coast is as it was last week, although 3rd place is slowly reeling in the top two its likely to little to late. *
FS1 series saw a small decrease in the points lead but nothing dramatic, it'll take a miracle for anyone other than Adam to win this.*
Driver notes:
Tristan England had a very solid first outing filling in for Mark List scoring several points.*
Kayla Blood had another solid weekend scoring several donut victories
Robert Parker driving had a great weekend scoring several wins in lone eagle!*
Tyler in Blue Thunder also had another great weekend in the monster truck racing portion of the show, may be a dark horse to win the Young Gun Shootout. Ton of great rookies this year but he seems to get better every weekend, should be rookie of the year IMO.*


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After week 9!

Bryce in Monster Mutt had an outstanding weekend as did Linsey in Scooby Doo winning a freestyle competition over a stacked field that included Ryan Anderson.*
FS1 Series is as it's been most the year, domination by Grave Digger and Adam.*
Points difference between 1st and 2nd in the MMJ series tightened up significantly. Both series will come down to final events this weekend. On this note Jared in MAXD had a great weekend scoring two racing victories! Kayla also had a another good weekend scoring several donuts competition wins.*
Stadium series will also come down to the final weekend with the entire top 5 is still in contention to take the lead.*