Site Related Unintentional User Accounts Suspended - Please Tell Us!

Jason Twite

We've received several reports of users trying to sign-in to Monster Mayhem only to be given a message that their account is suspended. There's a 99.9% chance it was not intentional. If you know of any members affected by this, please reply here or PM us or have them use the Help Desk. Only way we knew about a couple cases were via posts on Facebook.

Like any piece of software, the Monster Mayhem forum software can become compromised with bugs from time to time. We apologize for the confusion and will address every case brought to our attention.



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Apparently my account was attacked by the spammers so that caused problems with my logging in. I think the site had problems sending emails because I requested my passworda few times for them to be reset and even went as far as registering new accounts because I thought mine was lost. Never got confirmation emails so those were later banned because of your rules, which I totally understand. Then out of the blue my inbox became flooded with emails from the site like someone just flicked a switch haha.

Glad things are back to normal it seems.