usa-1 1989 truck what coulda been?


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Always woundered, not sure how in depth its been covered about the 89 truck that was never finished and quite frankly dont understand why. I understand on everetts site it was said they were too busy after the 88 season to get it ready and with all the crashes on 89 i bet there wasnt a second to spend, it makes me wounder with all that happend in 89 it was obvious the 88 truck was racing beyond its abilities that the decision to finish the 89 truck should have been easily made for 90. Anywho back to the truck what were the specs going to be on it? From the pic on the his site and a clip from the st paul powertrax program it was going to be a boxed 3500 frame with a one piece fiberglass body, with a similar drivetrain it looks like and a revised suspension with a little more travel. Does anyone have any more info on what some plans and ideas were for it?

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Wasn't there a lot of strife happening within the orginaztions that sactioned monster trucks ( TNT, USHRA, etc) ? Everette may have wanted to wait and see which way the wind blew, and once things settled, they may not have been to his liking.
Also, They might had put a substantial investment in the 89 machine and it might have cost-prohiative to go back to the drawing board once Bigfoot 8 raised the design bar. Just my thoughts, I might be completely wrong. Would love to find out what went down.