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My name is Cadet 4th Class Dylan Glenner from the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During this time of the year, each of the 40 squadrons here is given one day to conduct a ?spirit mission?. Spirit missions are events designed to inspire spirit in the cadets, usually through demonstrating class and squadron pride in a unique way. This year, my squadron has decided that we want to park 20 (for squadron 20) cars on the Terrazzo, the central area of the Academy. There will be 19 golden or yellow cars representative of the freshman class, and, with your help, one Monster Truck representative of my squadron, the Trolls. Our squadron has been given February 16th as our date for the spirit mission, and we have planned for the cars to be parked on the Terazzo from about 6:30am until 4:45pm, which is the end of our duty day.

What I'm asking is if anybody can help me acquire a Monster Truck for this spirit mission. I know Monster Jam will be in Colorado on the 11th so if you plan on going down to that we are not too far away. This would be a great way to do one of the best spirit missions in USAFA history and we may even be able to get a car for you to smash on the Terrazo. This would be great publicity for your truck and you would be doing a huge favor for the future officers of the Air Force. If anybody knows how we can get a truck and driver for the 16th of February or if you have a truck yourself please reply because we could use your help. One last thing: being in college means we don't have a ton of money, so if you could get us a deal which would lessen the price that would be greatly appreciated (but we are price-negotiable).

Thank you for your help!

Very Respectfully,

C4C Dylan J. Glenner
Cadet Squadron 20 - ?Tough Twenty Trolls?
USAF Academy, Class of 2015