I'm typing and printing all of the TELEVISED Monster Truck events from 1983-Present and i need help.

What were the dates and schedule of the original United States Hot Rod Association Monster Truck events that ran in 1988 and 1989.

Please help me. I need the DATES.


Here is 1988

1/2/88 New York
1/8/88 Albany GA
1/9/88 Pontiac MI Thrill Show
1/16/88 Anaheim CA
1/23/88 Tampa FL
1/24/88 Kansas City MO
2/12/88 Hartford CT
2/19/88 Oklahoma City OK
2/20/88 Pontiac MI Pulling
2/27/88 Minneapolis MN
2/27/88 St Louis MO
3/11/88 Richmond VA
3/12/88 Seattle WA
3/15/88 Oakland CA
3/18/88 Denver CO
3/19/88 Saginaw MI
6/10/88 Phoenix AZ
8/20/88 Tucson AZ
10/1/88 Pontiac MI Fall Show
11/19/88 Houston TX

And here is 1989

6/19/88 Byron IL
11/4/88 Pittsburgh PA
11/11/88 Evansville IN
11/18/88 Richmond VA
1/6/89 Houston TX Thrill Show
1/7/89 Anaheim CA Pulling
1/8/89 Anaheim CA Mud
1/13/89 Worcester MA
1/14/89 New Orleans LA
1/14/89 Pontiac MI Thrill Show
1/14/89 Tampa FL
1/20/89 Cincinnati OH
1/20/89 Orlando FL
1/29/89 Kansas City MO
2/3/89 Richmond VA
2/17/89 Hartford CT
2/18/89 East Rutherford NJ
2/19/89 Oklahoma City OK
2/24/89 St Louis MO
3/4/89 Pontiac MI Pulling
3/17/89 Baltimore MD
4/15/89 Minneapolis MN
8/5/89 Phoenix AZ
11/4/89 Houston TX

I found these dates a few months ago on the Monster Trucks Wiki from a deleted post. I was unable to post them here until now because I don't think my account was allowed to make posts until now. I'm new so I don't know that would happen. Regardless, I'm glad to help you and anyone else here that I can.