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Just curious what everyone has in their physical (not downloaded on the pc) video collections. Here is mine.

Bigfoot: 3 tape set including, Bigfoot In Action, Bigfoot: Thunder on Wheels, and Racing to the Finish.
Monsters of Rock and Roar,
Blood Sweat and Gears,
Grave Digger: Domination,
Crash Madness,
Inside Monster Jam volumes 1-5.

Might have a couple more that I'm forgetting. Just seeing how rare some of these are and if I should go out hunting or not haha.

Also if anyone knows of a cache online of these videos for download, not just clips on youtube it'd be cool to. :)


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I have:
World finals 7
World Finals 8
Digger: domination
Crash & Burn
crash madnes
Bigfoot: the monster or summit
The united states hot rod association, Which has old skool trucks like monster vette
And a vid called monster trucks, basically shows how a monster truck works and it has master of disaster, predator (old) mister twister and more.

I did have one vid that was recorded off the TV, which featured loads of great old skool moments, like taurus crushing the bus, Bigfoot 5 crushing other monster trucks, Taruses crash with a motor home, and King Kong or awesome kong rolling over in the river.


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Currently, I just have a couple worn out tapes full of Tuff Trax and Powertrax episodes recorded off of TV.

Lesse, one tape 1 I've got:

-Myrtle Beach 1990, Day 2 (King Kong's famous rollover-explosion atop the police cars)
-Flemington 1990, Day 1 (Bigfoot 8's suspension lifted, USA-1 returns from the Richmond rollover)
-Flemington 1990, Day 2
-West Lebanon 1990, Day 1
-Chicago 1989, I think it's Day 3 (Stomper hits the wall)

Tape 2's a little less organized, with some events getting cut off at odd places:

-Seattle 1991 (Digger's USHRA debut, I think, the tape cuts off before the final round)
-Worcester 1991
-Some random all-tractor pulling Tuff Trax episode, includes an interview with Scott Stephens recapping 1990
-Myrtle Beach 1990, Day 1 (quarterfinals onward only)
-Stafford Springs 1990, Day 1 (qualifying and first round only, cuts off after USA-1's flip)

I also have this tape that came with a Tuff Trax Grave Digger toy, which basically goes through and introduces most of the 1990 TNT roster. Pretty cool little highlight reel.
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Let me see, here.

Bigfoot: King of the Monster Trucks
Battle of the Bigfoots
Moto-rock (the old school one from the mid 80s)
Return of the Monster Trucks
War of the Monster Trucks
Grave Digger 20th Anniversary DVD
Monster Jam World Finals volume 1-5
Bigfoot in Action 2
Bigfoot 25th Anniversary DVD
Selected TNT races from 1989 and 1990
Tje History of Monster Trucks at the Pontiac Silverdome DVD
An old, old show about Bigfoot like (1986 or so) that my folks taped for me.

I think that's it. If I think of more I'll update.


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I have pretty much every televised show from 1986-1992 that's out there. For home videos I have:
-Battle of the Monster Trucks
-Return of the Monster Trucks
-War of the Monster Trucks
-MotoRock '86
-Monster Mania
-Blood, Sweat & Gears
-Turnin' the Power On
-Bigfoot: King of the Monster Trucks
-Racin' to the Finish
-Monsters of Rock N' Roar
-Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Monster Trucks
-Bigfoot in Action
-Bigfoot: Thunder on Wheels
-Bigfoot: Challenge of the Monster Trucks
-Tuff Trax Monster Truck Superstars
-Bloopers I, II & III
-Crush This!
-Monsters of Rock & Roar
-Battle of the Bigfoots
-Monster Truckin' USA I & II
-Shake, Battle & Roll I, II, III & IV
-Bigfoot Vs. Snake Bit Vol. I & II
-Bigfoot Magazine I & II
-The Biggest and the Baddest Monster Trucks
-Grave Digger Double Feature
-Monster Truck Classics I & II
-History of the Silverdome
-Bigfoot: The Ultimate Collection
-Crash Madness I & II

And I'm sure there's more I don't have listed.


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Right now I have:

-Bigfoot Strikes Again (DVD bought from retailer on eBay)
-Shake, Battle & Roll I (found at thrift store for $1.50 :D:D)
-Crash Madness I

Somewhere in the house I believe I have:

-MTRA Monster Trucks Racing To The Finish
-Monster Truck Bloopers 3
-Bigfoot vs. Snakebite I & II (I'm really wanting to find those :()


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Bigfoot 25th anniversey.
Crash Madness 1 (original, w/ Bigfoot)
Crash Madness 1 (edited, no Bigfoot)
Crash Madness 2
World Finals 8
Grave Digger 25th anniversery
World Finals 1
World Finals 2
World Finals 3
World Finals 4
World Finals 5
Grave Digger: Domination


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TNT Motorsports
- St. Paul 1,2
- Cleveland 1
- Louisville FH 1,2
- Charolette 1,2
- Houston 1,2
- Hamburg 1

- Hampton 2
- Atlanta 1
- St. Paul 1,2
- Louisville F8 1,2
- Louisville FH 1,2
- Montgomery 1,2
- Indianapolis 1
- Toledo 1,2
- Nashville 1,2
- Charleston 2
- Year in Review
- Houston 1,2

- St. Paul 1,2
- Houston 1,2
- Tallahassee 2
- Biloxi 1,2
- Chicago 3,4,5
- 1989 Indoor Review
- Nashville 1,2
- El Paso 1,2
- Milwaukee 1,2
- Kalamazoo 1,2
- Richmond 1,2
- Fisherville 1,2
- Weedsport 1,2
- Lima 1,2
- Bowling Green 1,2
- West Lebanon 1,2
- Buffalo 1
- Louisville F8 1
- Louisville FH 1,2
- Flint. 1
- Atlanta 1,2,3
- Grave Digger Special

- Houston 1,2
- Charleston 1,2,3
- 3x Memphis 1,2,3
- 2x Roanoke 1,2,3
- 6 Week Review
- Albuquerque 1,2
- Dallas 1,2
- Louisville F8 1,2
- Richmond 1,2
- Bowling Green 1,2
- Myrtle Beach 1,2
- Flemington 1,2
- West Lebanon 1,2
- Stafford Springs 1,2
- Louisville FH 1,2
- USA-1 Special

Monster Wars
- Minneapolis
- 2x West Lebanon
- 3x Pueblo
- 3x Louisville F8
- 2x Pontiac
- New Orleans
- Tampa
- Houston
- 2x Nassau
- Year in Review

Penda Series
- Bloomsburg
- Springfield
- 2x Canfield
- Indiana State Fair
- 2x Naples
- Indianapolis
- Indiana State Fair
- 3x Springfield
- 4x Canfield
- Springfield
- 4x Canfield
- 2x Indiana State Fair
- Indianapolis
- 2x Bloomsburg
- 2x Springfield
- 2x Canfield
- 2x Indiana State Fair
- 2x Lima
Other Promoters
Tape 1 (1989)
- Bloomsburg
- Orlando
- Pontiac
- New Orleans
- Rockford
- Minneapolis
- Tucson
- Houston
- Anaheim
- Pittsburgh
- Worcester
- Columbus
- Allen Town
- Tampa
- Saginaw
- Phoenix
- Indianapolis
- Evansville
- East Rutherford
- Kansas City
- Houston
- Richmond
- Cincinnati
- Oklahoma City

Tape 2 (‘80s & ‘90s)
- Allen Town
- Indianapolis
- Evansville
- Thunder On The Beach I, II, III
- Columbus
- New Orleans
- Chicago
- Monsters of Rock ‘n Roar
- Charolette
- St. Paul

Home Video’s
- Turning the Power On
- Inside TNT Motorsports
- Return of the Monster Trucks
- Battle of the Monster Trucks
- War of the Monster Trucks
- Inside Monster Jam V.1-5
- Bigfoot Thunder on Wheels
- Bigfoot in Action
- Bigfoot Strikes Again
- Battle of the Bigfoots
- Bigfoot 25th Anniversary
- Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines (Cartoon)
- Shake Battle & Roll 1-4
- Racing to the Finish
- Grave Digger Domination
- Monster Madness
- Monsters of Rock & Roar
- Monsters of Rock ‘n Roar
- Crash Madness

Other Clips/Racing
- 2000 Several TNN Monster Jam Races
- 2001 Several TNN Monster Jam Races
- World Finals I & II Racing & Freestyle
- TV Special – Dan Runte’s Vegas Jump
- TV Clip – Don Vanloo’s Crash in NY (Grandstand Crash)
- TV Clip – Bainter’s Jeeps (TNN – “Trucks”)
- TV Special – Secret World of Monster Trucks
- Home Video – Clydesdale Display/Crush (Calhoun, Ga.)


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In my collection
MOnster Mania
Monster of Rock and Roll
War of the Monster Trucks
Blood Sweat and Gears
TNT Turning the Power On
Crush This
Monster Truckin 1&2
Bigfoot King of the Monstertrucks
Bigfoot vs Snakebite 1&2
Bigfoot The Ultimate MT (dvd)
GraveDigger Domination/ GD 20
Mud & Monster 1&2
World Finals 2 vhs 3-7 on DVD
MJ Tour Crushers
Crash Maddness 1 &2 ON VHS 3-5 on DVD
Inside MonsterJAM all Volumes
Shake Battle and Roll
Some others I cant remember right now that are still in storage


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i have most of the 1990 tnt season, 1991-1992 camel seasons and 1991-1996 penda, missing random penda events though :(


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i have Turning the power on,bigfoot king of the monster trucks monster truck bloopers vol1. a few taped monster jams, and monster trucks science of extreme machines. maybe more


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I also have a huge collection of monster truck VHS tapes.
3 tape set of BIGFOOT In Action, Thunder On Wheels, & Racin' To the Finish
Monster Mania
Monsters of Rock N' Roar
Blood Sweat & Gears {Moto Rock V.2}
Monster Truckin' Madness
Monster Madness {Moto Rock V.1} (1989 Release) [one of my personal fav.]
Monster Madness The Ultimate Battle
Mud Warriors In Action (Includes very nostalgic monster truck footage)
War of the Monster Trucks,
Return of the Monster Trucks
Battle of the Monster Trucks
Bigfoot King of the Monster Trucks
BIGFOOT Strikes Again
BIGFOOT To the Limit
BIGFOOT Racing 94-95'
3 tape set of Monster Trucks: M Truckin' 1 & 2, and Awesome Monster Trucks, (which is also Secrets of: Monster Trucks)
Crash Madness Vol. I, II, & III
World Finals I, Racing & Freestyle
TNT, Turning the Power On!
Biggest & Baddest Monster Trucks
Truckin' Crazy (1st volume)
Rockin' & 4-Wheelin' (includes a glimsp of the rare monster truck, Flyin' High)
Crush This!
BIGFOOT vs: Snake Bite I, II
BIGFOOT and The Muscle Machines (Treasure Hunt, fountain of youth episode)
Grave Digger: Domination
Shake Battle & Roll III
Inside Monster Jam Vol. I, ONLY
DVDs-BIGFOOT, The Ultimate Monster Truck Collection, BIGFOOT Video Magazine I & II, Truck Jams, & 25th Anniversary of Grave Digger (2 discs)
Apparently I have quite a collection, but there's always a desire to add to it and there is room too. :-D
1.)Battle of the BIGFOOTs
2.)Classic Monster Trucks (however many volumes there are.)
3.)History of the Superdome
4.)Inside Monster Jam Vol. 2-5
5.)BIGFOOT, Challenge/Revenge of the Monster Trucks
6.)BIGFOOT Classics Vol. 1-(King of the Monster Trucks & Battle of the BIGFOOTs)
7.)BIGFOOT In Action 2 & 3<----Newest one
8.)Monster Jams World Finals 2-8
9.)All USHRA Shows from 85-98 recorded
10.)Any TNT or Penda Monster Truck Shows recorded

Sooo...If there is anyone who would be willing to help out or pitch in for another fellow monster truck fan, please PM me or e-mail me. [email protected] Would be willing to pay via paypal. Thank you in advance.
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