what did you get?

north star

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Anybody get a good haul of gifts this year?

2 camo hoodies
a gophers pillow pet
a bunch of candy
a garmin gps
a craftsman LED light
monster jam monopoly
some cleaning supplies, ornaments, ice fishing jigs,
ear plugs
homemade quilt
and i bought myself the complete 125 1990 monster truck trading card collection
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I got 2 Lego sets, 2 Score Soundtracks, Clothes, The newest Hess Truck, A book on Lego a Kmart Gift Card and hopefully more to come in the next few days when more of my family members come home


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Tickets to Tampa show on 1/19
Son Uva Digger 1/24
Grave Digger the Legend 1//24
6 1/64 scale trucks

Great christmas, got to spend a lot of time with family


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I got:
vegetable slicer
lantern for camping at Bloomsburg
1/12 scale 2010 Shelby Mustang model
1/24 Bigfoot Summit rc truck to go along with my girlfriends Raminator truck I got her
floor mats for car
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Alienware ALX Gaming PC (although I paid for 95% of it lol)
Surprise holiday to NY next year and the possible chance to go and see some of my designs in person

Pretty much best Xmas ever!


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I got

new LED Tail lights for my truck
Skyjacker Steering stablizer for my truck
Sweet Nike Hoodie
Assassin's Creed III
Forza Horizon
NFS Most Wanted
Earpods (Apple's new headphones, which are AWESOME)

My Birthday is in Feburary, I'm debating on asking for tickets to the St. Louis Monster Jam...


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Some Jewelry

Dark Knight Trilogy


Parts from Quadratech for my Jeep Wrangler

Needle and Sewing kit.


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sister got me some shirts...but mostly money for tickets....
I did request the Transformers Fall of Cybertron Soundwave and Accessories... Lol
Nice Display piece piece right next to my First Edition Optimus Prime which I bought myself...


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I didn't get a whole ton of actual stuff to open, but I did get tons of goodies, a new basketball that I desperately needed, and the 5th season of the Simpsons on DVD

The rest was a ton of money and gift cards, which I've spent on:
Al Jefferson jersey
A couple of Utah Jazz shirts
Twisted Metal/Dead Rising 2/Skate 3 for PS3
New HDD's to get my laptop/PS3 back up and running
Minecraft (deal with it)

I'm also going to buy tickets for 2 of the 3 SLC shows one of these days.


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I received an early gift in the form of an emergency room visit for some continuing gastro-intestinal pains, but as for gifts, my family bought me some work clothes and gave money. My girlfriend found the 1:64 Crushstation I had been looking for the entire year, and some stuff that hasn't arrived yet.


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Samson then and now 1/64 scale truck
Desperado 1/64 scale truck
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days DVD
Ice Age: The Meltdown DVD
$50 Itunes Gift Card with 2 $10 ones
A 16GB Flashdrive
some new clothes
Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)
Super Mario 2013 calendar
2 Super Mario Figures
a $25 Facebook Credits Card
a $15 Itunes Gift Card
2 Angry Bird Space Plushies
2 $100 Best Buy gift cards for the Wii U (either version)
Super Mario little figure collection


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i mainly just got parts for my Rc's

Got a Zilla3 Chassis
2 clod axles with links
novak super duty with 13x2 speed gems
2 91 ford bodies(one for a U.F.O replica and the other for a Overkill 1 replica)
wk axles and custom truck style straight rail chassis(this will end up as the overkill replica)
3 speed gems 2 orange can motors 11x3 turn
couple other things just cant really remember
o yea new Soldering station and some tips
and new 4link/shock mounts for my z3

and a phone(finally) not exactly sure what it is really ill see when i get it in my hands(buying it from a friend locally) its a smart phone atleast. thats all i care lol

may sound like alot but wasnt really then again i spent around 500$ on my self this year. so thats probably the most ive gotten during the holiday season(in price wise atleast not quantity lol childhood days and getting 100's of small items that would end up broken in a few days lol)