What Happened?


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on my websites we have seen a 85% reduction of visits in the last 3 years. The social media sites are up 400% over 3 years ago, and gaining more daily

who me

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Yepper most people are going to FB to keep up on the MT scene. One group i'm in has probably 20-40 new posts daily


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industry related is the best forum/busy. unless ur on the RC side, that's always busy but not my thang.

Andrew Castagna

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It seems most people have migrated from here to the Facebook groups like Monster Truck Fans, Drivers, and Crew Members and etc...

dominator crew

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i can say for myself, once kyle sold the truck i kinda lost interest, i mean i dont watch sports, but i played football, hockey, and i boxed, i dont watch any of them on tv, so unless i am doing it, i loose interest, if that makes sense


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Even though a lot of it has moved to facebook, I think for me it's also part in because I think MT's in general have kind of flat lined lately. It's been the same stuff over and over the last couple years and there's nothing new and exciting happening. Hope that changes