Which shock do you recommend?


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I am getting ready to order one of my nitro shocks but cant really make up my mind on which brand to run. I have been looking at KS and CNC. Is there any other brands i should be looking at?

Right now I am leaning towards the CNC because I got a quote for some KS's and about fell on the floor ($950 for 3" and $1750 for 4"). The CNC's are like $675. I would like to run some 4" shocks but the price is just crazy.

Any help would appreciated.



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I recommend Overtime CNC shocks, and that price at 675 seems a little high for what they were selling at, call up Keith and Tammy at Overtime

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Talk to Jamie Garner with Over Bored. He had the 4 inch shocks (don't recall if Overtime or KS) but switched tot he standard and is much happier with them.
Before buying either ask around, talk to the folks who are actually running the equipment. They are always open to talking and will tell you what has worked for them.

Besides those tow you have TNT race source and a few others that make shocks for MT's

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Milan where you out of


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I spoke with a couple guys running the CNC's and they have never had an issue. Not to mention that Corey was a great help and more than willing to answer any questions that I had (most not even shock related). I am going to be running the 3" shocks with 26" travel.

You know I am cheap Jim...lol.