who will be the next Bad Boy


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Ok, let me smash this right now..... I did what I did and I dont mean it as a bash against Nick by any means.... I just fealt the way I fealt and I said my peace.....

His skills with a computer are killer and maybe Im alittle jealous its that easy to do a design that quick..... Got me? Just one of those days and i flipped out !!

Im sorry if my knock at Steelskinz was out of line .

OK, back to what this thread is supposed to be about !
Lets see some more drawing !!!


Jordan Robson

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all kidding aside those are some real nice pieces.. At this point I think it's anybody's contest to win. I think I could see just about everybody's designs on a real truck. That's how good they look.

I can't wait to see who wins it!


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You have until Midnight tonight to turn in your drawings. We have alot of cools drawings and thanks to everyone who participated!!!


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i made that before the truck template was out.. i only use photoshop CS3 for my work, and i make banners and such at least. so this was somethin differen for me.

Jus Show N Off

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Wow Tweaked, that is some nice work on both, #1 is just absolutely killer though. I think the only way it could be better is if it was done over the original Bigfoot dark blue instead of black - to kind of give the feeling of the Badboy ripping through the "traditional" image of Bigfoot.

Either way, I'm not being critical at all, just tossing in a tidbit that could maybe tie it all together with bigfoot lore as well. Amazing skills man!