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Jason Twite

uhhh..... sooooo.... think I just "hit the button" on the old school pic thread.

sorry. :eek:

edit: Steven has stated its gone.

Sorry everyone! add it to my "history"


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*Address the crowd of mornin loved ones and friends.*

Family and friends, we have lost a truely great one today. Let us hope they are in a better place now. Let they rest in peace in the big message board in the sky. And let us hope that the person who did this to them is hunted down and charged at the fullest extent of the law!

[ame=""]YouTube - Military Taps[/ame]
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we just lost tons of shots that there's a good chance of us not getting back ever again.

just amazing. absolutely amazing.


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I am officially declaring this biggest fail EVER in the history of Monster Mayhem. First Bigfoot, then Megasaurus, then this?! This is like, bigger than any of those OH THE HUMANITY!!