World finals: why hasn't anyone qualified yet


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Looks like they are just doing things a little different this year, updated the world finals page yesterday with some new sponsors, hotel and event info and now says at the top of the page that they will announce the trucks starting in February.


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...Why. Just why. They should announce them backwards like I reccommended a while back...and start in Houston on the first week (ignore these past two years, please).


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Last year they were giving them out in week one, or even before. I think they took notice that the whole thing looked kind of silly, with all the "Qualified" language they used, when it was clearly an invite.


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Feld might be trying to look official. Since last year they didn't really "qualify" someone finally had the bright idea oh hey maybe we should actually look like we don't already know wat trucks are going to be there


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The whole "qualification" system was pointless anyway. The field for the finals is pretty much set at the beginning of the year, and aside from 2-3 trucks you pretty much already know who's going to be there flags or no flags. Never understood why people got so into that...


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Alpha Dog, I mean that the lesser known trucks would be announced first.
I disagree with that, namely cause unless they are going to use last season to dictate it, they wont make an impact until a few weeks out. I also do because the first two/three trucks in should be the existing champion(s) and young guns winner.


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Announcing the lesser known trucks last creates drama around here and other places, it is fun to watch people guess. I think it would take away from WF hype by announcing lesser known trucks first. We know so and so will be there, so get those announcements out of the way. Build drama(hype) behind which lesser known truck will make it.

I know the 2 weeks before finals I am checking here and MJ website constantly to see which is the last trucks announced. If they told me now and held out to announce Grave Digger. I wouldn't be coming around too much as I know Grave Digger will be there.

I still expect young gun winner to be 28th truck.