World's Youngest Girl MT Driver


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Last Saturday, our 14 year old daughter, Rosalee, drove in her first professional event. She's been working up to this for quite some time, and was very excited.

She designed her own firesuit.

After her run she went out and greeted all her new fans!

She did great and is already asking when she can get back in the truck and do it again.

Tim Dudley

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You go girl! Watch out Monster Jam! By look of those pictures looks like going have other youngest MT driver in World Finals before to long!


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The only other 14-year-olds getting that much air are on an airplane, massive air right there.

I wonder if she can put that down as supervised driving time when she goes to get her driver's license :D


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Awesome;absolutely awesome!Just by looking at the photos I can see that she will be contending for championships sooner than later.It's a little scary to think that she is already this talented;scary for all the other drivers that is.I can't wait to see her run some more when she gets a little more seat time under her belt.Monster truck world take notice;Future star,right here!

Jason Twite

The kid can get some air! whoa!
The next gen is upon us! Rosalee, Eric Swanson, Jaye Featherby, and I'm sure I'm missing some.


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Wow! looks like she had her Redbull that day lol. Good for her, shes on her way!


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Very impressive......

Obvious she has no fear of pushing the pedal!

There are 20 year veterans out there that have never gotten that much air.



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Congrats! Looked like some great air. Lots of people would kill for a chance in a monster, at any age.


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Congrats to Rosalee, and let me be the latest to say WOW she can drive! Fearless doesn't begin to describe it.


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Thats just not fair!! Never thought I would be so jealous of a 14 year old girl...

Congrats to Rosalee and the entire Living The Dream Racing Team. Quite a stepping stone, but she's got some big shoes to fill! Daddy is a helluva driver.


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One Word.... Awesome!

Looks like it was a great run, Cant wait to see the video


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Looks like Dad has been spending a lot of quality time with that kiddo!!! You don't pull of air like that without knowing how the truck is built and works, so I imagine the shop time has been making a driver out of her for awhile.....Got my 3yr old daughter out in the shop already and she is telling me she is going to drive the MT. I will have to show her this so she knows what is possible. Keep it up and congrats!!!


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That is awesome. When i was 14 i would dream in my mind about me driving one and she actually drives one and looks like she did an awesome job at it... yeah major jealousy here. Congrats to Rosalee and the whole family. Hope we see her driving more in the near future!