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Christian Riedel

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I'm a "Mechanical Designer" for Peninsula Copper Industries. We are the worlds largest producer of copper chemicals used mainly to pressure treat lumber, though they are also used for high speed circuit board plating as well as in the tire industry. Basically I design systems layouts in the plant, model them up, order parts, write work orders, get quotes on equipment, and a whole lot of other stuff. Basically a lot of engineering work and project management. I'll be back in school in January for my last 2 classes for my Mechanical Engineering degree.


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Assistant Manager of Napa Auto parts in Rock Springs Wyoming, I'm starting my 18'th year selling auto parts. Also a Monster Truck fan since 1987.


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I work at a tire shop, Change, Fix any type of tire, NH state Inspector, Oil Changes, Etc.

Buy Cooper Tires;)

In my experience here are a few things I would recommend avoiding
Cooper CTS tires- I've never seen one wear right
Hankook tires- too flimsy and dont change easy.
Goodyear AT/S tires-If you have anything puncture the tire, it may blowout/junk the entire tire-We refuse to fix a lot of these.
Ford F-150, Explorer, Ford F-250- front end parts
Toyota Tundra-not very easy to work on 1 darn thing
S-10 & Blazer-front end parts
Dodge vehicles -front end parts
Chevy Malibu -brakes wear out too fast
and never put metal caps on TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) valves, they tend to corrode, and may break TPMS trying to get cap off.


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I am a photographer, while I have been looking for another job that is a little more predictable with work/money than photography is.


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Currently in 2nd year of community college, but I work as a certified personal trainer 3 days a week. You'd never know by looking at me lol And the other days, I work at a dollar store :mad: Thats only until I graduate and get a real job obviously.


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I'm an instructor at my local college and I teach video production there. I also oversee all of our editing systems and equipment. I am also an independent contractor doing the same thing pretty much. I primarily shoot weddings during the summer...usually around 15-20 per year, and other projects like short films in NYC, edited for the Asylum in California, dvd training videos for VAAST, and lately have been giving seminars about HD-DSLR shooting...

But love monsters and I have a fantastic documentary feature in mind that I hope to get off the ground some day.


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I protected your freedom for 20yrs in the Army. Then I was a civilian instructor for the Meteorological Crewmember Course and Survey Course in Ft Sill Oklahoma. I was recently laid off (actually due to fact someone didnt do thier annual requisition so no money was allotted for civilian employees). Now I am a full time unemployed guy. I am a really good house Dad. The house never looked better!!


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Laid off brake/alignment tech:mad: Recently went back to school to fill in some holes in my training to hopefully go back to work. Some body & paint at home when I find the time (went to school for that too - didn't get me anywhere):eek:


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During the week i work at a local hardware store and on the weekends i am an official for the united states auto club and just got brought on with 3 other sprint car sanctioning bodies. calls for a busy work week from march through november
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Dave Genest

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I build super charged corvettes and camaros for Callaway full time.

Also the tire specialist fot Marsh racing k&n pro series team, as well as general mechanic for Marsh racings Grand AM corvette team with drivers Eric Curran and Borris Said.

trouble racing

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(Im a **** star----oh yea and I mess around with a monster truck.)

So this is your song?
[ame=""]YouTube - **** Star Dancing (Rock Version)[/ame]
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