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mechaninc for skip barber racing school

and a fabricatory/body tech on the side

i also build 1/10 sclae rc monster trucks and trail trucks :D


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I am fixed ops director(service ,parts and body shop manager)
at one of indianas largest chevrolet dealers.
we are light and medium duty/commercial dealer.


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full-time college student at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. I am a Business Management Junior but with credits that would make me a senior.


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Work at a local auto parts store, pulling parts, stocking, delievering, dispatching, answering phones, etc lol. Also track crew for Monster Jam shows on the side that i started doing this past year and plan to continue to do this year and so on.


I work at a Fertilizer Plant. I get to run my own version of a monster truck every day, only 3 wheels instead of 4 though. I can honestly say I probably know how all the guys who ran the ole leafer trucks felt after having ran a flotation spreader truck all day. :D

Brandon Clark

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I am a part time Retail Parts Pro for Advance Auto Parts. When I'm not at work I'm being a full-time gearhead, bench racing or generally driving my wife crazy. When I'm not doing that, I'm on PlayStation Network pwning n00bs!

As far as my job, I love it. I get to work on cars occasionally, help out customers, and occasionally diagnose problems. When it's slow I get to play on websites that they don't block (this one is for some reason) and generally piddlefart around.


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Ive worked at Kmart for 3 years, and i also currently have an office job in the mornings, filing, doing paper work and so on. Round this time i have alot of days off because im doing alot of traveling to do track crewing. So i guess we will see how big my paychecks will get haha. :D


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I work at a grochery store (safeway) I usually work customer service and I am the stores sales event manager, and store intercom, soon to be a PIC. I am also a college student going for a business degree, I am the owner of CrashTestMotorsports, I build custom rc tube chassis' and bodies, I crew for a few monster truck teams and help out at local shows, been a track official, I also help friends and neighbors with there mechanical needs cuz I'll do it for less then any shops in the area.

I'm quite busy, paying for college,food, girls, and bills isn't easy, multi-tasking helps

General Havoc

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Currently a senior game advisor at a GameStop in Piitsburgh. Hope is, however, that I'll put my marketing degree to use soon.


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I am a local truck driver for con-way freight. I have been doing it for about a year and a half. It's fun and challenging most days others just feel like pulling my hair out in large clumps. But don't we all have those days?


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I own a Flooring installation business( 3 Guys Flooring LLC ) with my partner (who now runs it). I opened an offroad park ( Mud Mayhem & Motorsports Park ) with another group of partners and I currently work as Operations Coordinator for Family Events. Ill sleep when Im


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I am currently in the Marine Corps and am the NCOIC of my shop, (Non-Comissioned Officer In Charge) as well as a workcenter supervisor what that means is I am basically in charge of all other Marines in my shop and if they have a problem with anything they come see me, I make sure to get accountability, appointements sced, production control and just make sure everything runs smoothly and we get done what we need too.


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I just graduated with my MBA and I work as General Manager for a manufacturer of a temperature controller for BBQ's called the Stoker. It allows you to control the air to your bbq to maintain stable temps. You can also check and control it from the internet using a laptop, iPhone, Droid, or other wi-fi devices.

Pretty cool job to get to BBQ every day.


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I'm a pizza maker/line cook. I work at a local goldmine that's been in business since 1963... I'm not talking Domino's or Pizza Hut here.

I frequently work a Fauld's oven very similar to this one:

There are 6 shelves that rotate on a carousel controlled by a toggle switch and electric motor. The thing is a monster. It's literally the size of a small room. After a night on that monstrosity, I'm left with no arm hair, and my eyelashes are usually melted together.

We'll do upwards of $12,000 on a standard Friday night, 500-600+ pizzas in 7-8 hours. If you're ever in the Bloomington-Normal, IL area, check out Tobin's Pizza.