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I was thinking about this last night and I don't think we have had a thread about this before, or at least for a long time, so who are some of your favorite voices of Monster Trucks past/present?

I was debating over mine between Scott Douglas and Scott Heaton. Well Douglas has been the voice of monsters for a long time now I think Scott Heaton is my favorite, his voice is just so epic and he really works the crowd well.

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It's not summer in CT without Joe Lowe. Scott Douglass is also top notch, and I liked Griff Allen the few shows I've seen him at.


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George Eisenhart (RIP) was always one of the most underrated announcers, always will be a true great in my book.

Scottie Deubler is also very underrated, and very talented. Working with him for the first time in Nashville last year was phenominal, and every time since then has been nothing but a blast, both on and off the track.

George set a great example that I constantly look towards for inspiration, and Scottie has been a tremendous asset to me from a hands-on perspective.

Scott Douglas may not be my favorite by a far cry, but even the harshest of critics has to admit he's got a great voice on the mic.

I've not heard Scott Heaton personally but from what I understand he's got it going on.



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Classic shows, I was always a Mike Galloway fan. However, in looking back at the old tapes I have acquired recently, I have grown to love Army Armstrong's commentary. After having met Army, it just solidified my liking of his work even more.

As far as current shows, there are so many talented people out there right now doing shows. Scott Douglas is an amazing talent, no question about it. I will echo what Kyle has said and list Scott Deubler as another very talented live event announcer. Scottie always sounds so knowledgeable, and that is because he is. Having been around Adam Connell so much this year, I can throw him in on that list as well. He is very good at working up a crowd that I would have called "dead". He also takes more time than is widely understood to prepare, as he is jotting down notes right up until show time. Jeff "Roller" Richards is another great talent. I have seen Jeff perform on a couple of locations, and he is very good at what he does. Last, but certainly not least, is our own Kyle Doyle. I had the pleasure of working with Kyle on his first announcing the host of an episode of TMB-TV last year. Kyle is a natural. I could tell from about 30 seconds into the first segment we taped that he could do this professionally if he wanted...and I was right.


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Grimm was a delightful nut. He seemed to love what he was doing. Not as ignorant as his excitable commentary would maybe lead one to believe.