Your next five to go into the HOF

Back In Black

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I had the pleasure of going to the MT Hall of Fame induction last year and was wondering who your next 5 inductees would be and why?

Mine would go in no particular order

Jim Kramer- he actually could have gone in last year but the founders had to go in first. He put Bigfoot on the map with masterful driving and was well deserving

Rod Litzou- first national champion! Also a huge part to the history of USA-1. He actually did the white paint job on the 72 truck ( which is still all original )

Jan Gabriel - producer and promoter who brought monster trucks to tv. Huge part in mt history to say the least.

Diehl Wilson- has been running the Virginia Giant for about 30 years and counting

Mr. Chamberland- need I say more?


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mike vaters-black stallion
mike whitt-stomper
johnny k-buffalo tremor
gene patterson-bigfoot
starvin marvin smith-wild hair


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my picks

Dennis Anderson,,,,,30 years and he has been a favorite since day 1
Jim Kramer.....Made Bigfoot a house hold name racing
Rod Litzou...sorry about spelling,,,,Drove the others to get faster
Army Armstrong,,,,,The Voice of TNT and the Camel Mud & Monsters tour
Mike Vaters,,,,,Still going strong and thrilling fans thru out the country

There are a few others I'd suggest, but with a choice of only 5,,,these are my picks,,,,,,,


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Mike welch
Jesse Birgy
Marvin Smith
scott stephens

Army and George Carpenter should get some award of their own, with out either, we wouldnt be here!!

Tim Dudley

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My TOP 5 Picks for this year:

1.) Jim Kramer(sp?)- He had class in front of the camera, he was one of first 3 to really attack the cars, jumping, and broke so many records in Bigfoot truck.

2.) Mike Welsh- He's did a lot for early years of MT's...He needs to be in there and was ORIGINAL Freestyle person.

3.) Golden State - The whole team was a class act and I always loved watching Bigfoot Vs. one of their trucks because you knew it was going be close and they did not care if the truck broke.

4.) Dennis Anderson

5.) Allan Tura


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1st: Jim Kramer... no explanation needed!!!
2nd: Rod Litzau... really no explanation needed here either!!!!
3rd: Andy Brass.. one of the greatest drivers ever to compete
4th: Dennis Anderson... 30 years of Grave Digger.... even though he probably wouldn't attend.
5th: Gary Porter... he's been a big contributor almost as long as anyone...


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Why would you say Dennis wouldn't attend? I think Dennis is one of the nicest most sincere guys out there,,,NO ONE spends more time with the fans than he does,,,All the drivers are awesome, but Dennis seems to have that line that people want to say hi and shake his hand,,,,I'm a Anderson Fan from back in the late 80s, so even back then he was a class act,,,not to mention the next generation Adam & Ryan,,,even the youngest Weston is a good kid with fans as proven at WF 13,,,so I think Dennis would attend because to be put into any Hall of Fame is a HUGE HONOR and to me Dennis was and is # 1 in Monster Truckin!!


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Judging by who is on the selection committee, I don't think it would be too far fetched to see a Feld Motorsports presence at the Hall of Fame. Jeff Cook and company really aim to cut though the bs and politics and make it open to EVERYONE.


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I agree with the first five, but would have added a sixth person. Bennett Clark has been there for thirty years,just like Jim Kramer. Bennett has always been a class act.

who me

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It's a tough one but let's not forget the guys who brought us to this point.

Bennett Clark is a great example along with Jim Kramer. There are other guys like David Spiker, Gary Porter, Doug Spanier, Cliff Starbird, and more. These are the guys who helped make monster trucks so big. They brought on the beautifully done trucks that were a mix of show car and race car. Those of us, who were around to see em live, can tell you what an impact it made to be in a small arena (at a truck pull or mud bog) and see one of those beasts come rolling in. I saw my first one when I was like ten and at 43 can still remember it to this day.


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As much as I agree that Cliff Starbird should eventually be inducted, I firmly believe that something should be done about his trucks rotting outside before he is inducted.

As far as my comment about Dennis Anderson attending..... I was refering to the fact that Feld owns everything Grave Digger. I didn't mean anything disrespectful toward Dennis or his sons. I would actually like to see Grandma restored & placed into the HOF for a while.


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Bigfoot,USA 1,Gravedigger and others began the sport of Monster Trucking and are excellent choices, but they also had to race against some one besides themselves, so with that being said think outside the box about who actually started this sport. Without their competitors, the sport would not be where it is today. So far, I have seen some great choices. Good Job for the input!


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As much as I agree that Cliff Starbird should eventually be inducted, I firmly believe that something should be done about his trucks rotting outside before he is inducted.

what does the current condition of a truck have to do with it??? Bearfoot and king Kong are both long gone,Taurus too, Bigfoot has had every piece replaced, BEAST very close to the same. USA 1 is the only truck from the original group that is close to original. Truck preservation isn't a criteria. I think Starbird's trucks are pathetic at this point and they should be ashamed of them for a museum BUT they do own them.


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Tonka tester said someone who really shoul be in the hall of fame WILLIAM TOWNES!!!
my five would be :
mike welch
seth doulton
jim kramer
william townes
and either diehl wilson or kirk dabney


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I noticed you didn't like my post about Dennis going to HOF,,,,,was wonsdering why? You don't agree he is great with the fans and been around for 30 years and deserving?? Or is it you just don't like him,,,,Who would you suggest as fallen heros as you put it??